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Pedobear (Adobe Flash Professional C55


Camtasia Article

Camtasia is a software developed by Techsmith, it is used for screen capturing, and can be used in wide varieties, such as video, a short movie, or a tutorial video. Camtasia program comes in 2 forms. The studio and recorder. First we set the region we want to record.Then we can record it by clicking “record”. Then when we stop that recording, it will ask us if we either save the video and edit it, or delete it. If you choose save and edit you will be automatically sent to the Studio screen, and all ready to edit the video.

We have several sections in the Camtasia Studio, the Canvas, timeline, and the Clip Bin, which can be changed to several sections. The canvas is where we see the video that we are creating. We can play the video on it. So it is like a media player of Camtasia. Timeline, is the place where you bring the whole video in place. You can control how long you want it to be, and add in audios and effects.

The sections in the Clip Bin is Library, Callouts, Zoom-n-Pan, Audio, Transitions, and More.Library where you can pull out video files, pictures, etc. The video you pull out from here will go to the timeline. Callouts is what you can write on, an arrow, square, triangle, or a circle. You can add special effects on those callouts, such as shadows, etc. Zoom-n-Pan will let you zoom into regions in the video, and choose the length of zooming and how deep you zoom into. Audio is where we add music or BGM to the video, and you can choose the length of the music too. Transitions is where you can control the effect of the video fading in and out. Such as Barn, Blinds, Checkerboard, Stretch,etc.

In more there are another several other sections, which is Cursor Effects, Visual Properties, Voice Narration, Record Camera, Captions, Quizzing. Camtasia is a amazing software that lets us create amazing videos in short amount of time, and requires no skills at all. With the help of this software, we can create thousands of video, and post it on youtube! Lets join the youtubers! It is fun, and also easy, so I will recommend using Camtasia for beginners, like me.

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its my ICT hw, please enjoy!