Questions to Intro to Flash Animation

1. What is an animation?

It is all about bringing things to life, it is simply a drawing that moves.

2. What is a frame in animation?

It is a sequence of drawings we make to create an animation. It is a  snapshot for what is happening at that particular moment.

3. What is frame rate or fps (frame per second)?

It is the number of frames being played in 1 second.

4. How does an animation looks like if the frame rate is 1fps?

It is really slow, and it is not smooth and entertaining. It doesn’t look like a proper animation, but just a bunch of pictures changing at a rate of 1sec.

5. What will happen to an animation if the frame rate is 24fps?

It will be really fast, because we are showing 24 frames in only one sec, so it would be too fast that we won’t clearly understand what is going on because its too fast, but it would be smooth.

6. What is exaggeration in animation?

It is used to make the character more dramatic and interesting. To make the character look really convincing for what they are feeling or thinking about.

7. Explain how you will apply the ‘Stretching and Squashing” principle in animation.

We won’t understand it if the reaction to the ball is too small, so we exaggerate the stretching and the squashing of the ball, and make it  look like its really stretching and squashing.

8. How will you show by means of animation that an object is heavy?

We shouldn’t stretch and squash it at all, instead






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