What I learned in ICT Class?

I learned many things in this class, using programs such as Camtasia, Audacity, Adobe Flash Professional, Google Sketchup, Notepad ++,etc. From Camtasia, I learned how to make a video clip, fast and easy. I never knew that making a video was this easy until trying out Camtasia. It opened up my world as a filmmaker, and I think it is a great program. From Audacity, I learned how to edit a sound file, and turning it into something new, such as a remix or a dubstep. It was great fun making a new sound clip, because I love music personally, and I am glad to learn to make a new piece of music, made by me.

From Adobe Flash Professional, I learned how to make a short animation, with only using drawings and pictures. I learned how hard it was to make a fluid animation, because I learned that it will take so much time to make it look fluid, and I recognized that how much of a hard work it is to make a 30 minutes long animation, which I watch everyday. From Google Sketchup, I learned how to make a 3D looking objects, such as houses, towers, etc. It was fun, and made me use my creativity. It made me think how can I do it to make it look nice, and realistic.

From Notepad ++, I learned how to make a HTML Page, which I never knew, which was very interesting. I never knew there are so many codes to make the page look right, and it was confusing at first, but slowly made it fun. By the time I learned the codes, it was fun making the page. I also learned how to make a table using Notepad ++, which also had original codes, which were confusing. But it was also fun. The moment I see the browser and look at my work, and the moment I got it right is always unforgettable. So this is probably all the things I learned in this semester, it had variety, and was interesting. I hope the second semester will be the same.


These are the example videos of me making stuffs, using programs above, and a graph table I made using Google ++, and few drawings I drew using Adobe Professional.

ma graphPedobear2fap fap meme




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