Introduction to CSS

1. What is CSS and what it is for?
2. What is Internal Stylesheet, External Stylesheet, and Inline Styles?
3. What is syntax?
4. What are the three parts of a CSS syntax?
5. How does Inheritance works in CSS?
6. What is a comment in coding and how do you write a comment in CSS and HTML?

1. It stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is for Web developers to define the look and feel of their web pages.

2. Internal Style Sheets are added to the of a document inside tags.

External Style Sheets are the most flexible because it allow you to assign the same styles to multiple Web Pages. You can attach external style sheets in 2 ways.

Inline Styles are added directly to the element to be styled with the style attribute:

3.It is the rule in coding. It describes a grammar(and forward-compatible parsing rules) common to any level of CSS.

4. It is Selector, Property, and Value.

5. Some styles, like font family, text-alignment etc., are automatically inherited by child elements from their parent element (i.e. by an element contained inside another one).

6. Comment is a programming language construct used to embed programmer-readable annotations in the source code of a computer program. And you can comment like this:
1. /*
2. Write the text or information you want hidden
Close the comment:
3. */


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