My Wish for Bangkok

I do not wish much for Bangkok, I was born and raised in this dirty concrete made city. I nearly live in this city for 12 years, since I lived In Japan for about 2 years. According to my mother, 10 years ago, this city was really undeveloped, without any large malls such as Paragon, Emporium, etc. There was no BTS too. I think Bangkok developed well in these 10 years, but there are still some negative effects, which is what I want to discuss today in this essay. I don’t think the Thai governors are going to make much of a change from now and on. First of all, there is a problem about streets. In every 5 minutes or 3 minutes while walking down the Sukhumvit Road, you will always see a beggar or a homeless sleeping or begging for a few baht. I know it is disrespectful, but I think it’s really shameless, people that is missing a body part, such as an arm or a leg, eyeball or anything, I really feel sorry for those people. But I sometimes see mothers with children, just sitting there. She looks healthy enough to work, so I ask myself. Why can’t she just find a job or something? I know that she has kids, but come on they can take care of themselves. I hate those people that are trying to get people’s sympathy. They are not smart enough? Or lack of experiences? There are factories or you can maybe start yourself an own business. If you notice your children’s need of education, so they don’t end up like their parents, I think parents can be able to do anything to make money for their kid’s fortune. So I think the first problem to make the governors solve, is the Bangkok street problem. Give them jobs, little money can save their whole family, and I mean it. Second, there is a problem with the people in this city. There is a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor. I think I consider myself in the middle. Appreciating my parent to feed me and let me go to school. It is that rich people are really rich, and the poor people is starving and eating things that are not eatable on the ground. I understand that there will always be a gap, but does it have to be this big? Rich people even though they have enough, ask for more. And the people that really need that money to just live, is not getting it. I think this is a huge shame. So, I would want the Thai governors to somehow solve this problem. I know this is not an easy problem to solve, because there will always be this gap, but maybe we can smaller it a bit. Donating a few thousand baht to one family can give them a new start to their life. So that is another problem that needs to be solved. Last problem is the rise of the prices of the food and other products these days. It may seem small, but this is also a serious problem. If this kept on going in 10 or 20 years maybe the prices could be the double of now. Not impossible. So I wish the governors to somehow fix this problem. Thailand produces a lot of rice. Maybe we can work on making the qualities of these rice better, and make some better money out of it, and make the farmers pay amount of taxes, but not let the incomes reduce from before. Then we are both happy. We can use that money on things we require. Maybe that can lower the prices of the materials. These are what I think is the major problem and needs to be fixed. Thank you.


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