Introducing Metrico for PSVita

Metrico is a PS Vita exclusive game from the Dutch indie game design agency Digital Dreams, which is a game that introduces infographics to the world of gaming. This is the very first attempt to make a game that largely contains the content of infographics, to gaming. These two was said that will not blend, because nobody ensured that it would work, and will be able to sell. People didn’t want to take the risk and time to make this game, because success was not promised, but finally a company called Digital Dreams showed up, announcing this game, Metrico.

Major Concepts:
1. The game is largely based on infographics, which also changes largely based on your actions, and inputs.
2. Creates a whole new atmosphere to gaming, making the gaming world changeable in players hands, based on what data they push into the game, it this may works it also proves that data visualization doesn’t necessarily have to make sense all of the time.
3.It is an PS Vita exclusive, by an Indie Game Company, it shows that it didn’t require huge amount of money to create it, showing other mainstream core gaming companies that infographic games are completely available, maybe helping them open up to new video gaming ideas.

Potential Strengths:
1. It is a game completely based on the players choice, making it a game with no plot or required choices, making it completely new.
2. It will be able to create varieties to the game, because it is player based, many players around the world may use different data to play the game, giving it huge amount of freedom.
3. It is very cheap, considered it is a exclusive game the price is estimated to be from 10-20 dollars, which is a decent price for a game in this scale.

Potential Problems/Limitations/Disadvantages:
1. It may be too complicated and hard for young children, making not able to play the game.
2. There may be problems with the graphic quality, considering it is a infographic game, the visual graphic of the game could be very bad.
3. There is a high risk, that the gamers will may be reluctant to let this new kind of gaming in their turf, it may be not accepted to the gaming society, and end as a miserable failure.

Liddle, Sean. “Awesome New Video Game Immerses You in Infographics.” Neo Mam Infographic Design Agency. N.p., 22 Aug. 2013. Web. 26 Aug. 2013.



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