Internet Safety

The Internet is a place that is overly populated, and that also means crimes will also take place.  Piracy of DVDs, TV-Games, etc. are hugely reducing the profit that those companies should have made. Making young children slipping their parents credit card into stupid advertisements is also a proper crime. internet is a place that is said that could help you make a fortune, but the opposite can also happen, meaning you can lose everything with a small little security breach or your personal information, such as your credit card number. Giving that to an advertisement company that you never heard of before can make you lose a lot of money, because most of the time they are just fake companies trying to pull of money of stupid people on the internet.

We should know a lot of things to remain safe on the internet. First of all, we should secure our personal information. Which are these:
1.Usernames and passwords
2.Social Security numbers
3.Bank account numbers
4.PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
5.Full credit card numbers
6.Your mother’s maiden name
7.Your birthday

You should first observe the website, and decide if you can trust them. If the company is very huge and well known through out the world, for example Apple.Inc, I am pretty sure you can trust them if they ask about your information. Because there is no merit to commit a crime like that, when the company is that huge, and will continue creating a huge amount of profit from their products.

It is also better to make harder passwords, in case hackers tries to breach your account. We should create a password that is hard to guess and easy to remember. It is best to use both low case and high case letters, and also include few numbers.

We should also be careful about people we meet online.There are hundreds of online dating sites and chatting sites, and we never know who we are actually talking to. Any lie will work on the internet. A person that claims that they are teenagers can be full grown adults. Young teenagers believing in that lie, may actually want to meet the person that they were talking to over the screen. This can lead to kidnapping, even sexual abuse of children. To not let that happen, we should not talk to strangers that we meet online, and instead cling to the real world, talking to actual people that is standing in front of us.

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