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Chinese New Year Poster


Wysips Solar Charging Screen

Almost every Smartphone company tried wireless charging at some point, but not any of them has quite pulled off to be a proper product. But, recently a new technology was shown by SunPartner Technologies and 3M that may be a solution to this wireless charging problem. This could be a solution and a completely new way to transfer data on to your smartphone, opening up new possibilities to smartphone industries.

Major Concepts
– It’s called Wysips, and it is a thin layer of crystal glass that can be used by embedding it into small screens such as watches, phones, tablets, etc. This thin layer of glass changes the screen of the gadget into a solar panel of sorts. The screen looks clear, and there is no interruption of graphical qualities lacking because of this Wysips charging screen. It starts charging once artificial or natural light hits the screen, making it very user-friendly and easy.
– The Smartphone battery power will be stretched up to 15%, with this screen (even more if you leave it in a bright area). This can save a person that is power bind with no charger, getting them out of extreme situations. The amount of power generated could increase as the miniature solar cells improve.
– The design is mostly clear, but shimmers if you look from different angles. If you look close up to it, you can see the solar crystal pattern. Inside a demo phone, we couldn’t notice the Wysips layer at all, though the viewing angles of the device was lower than usual.

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– It is very energy efficient, using the sunlight to create energy. If this develops into a huge marketing asset, we can further prevent Global Warming.
– This is extremely convenient, since there will not be any need to carry around chargers, and when we have to charge, we can simply leave our device where light shines bright, which is almost everywhere in this modern world.

Potential Problems/Limitations
– There are some graphical flaws, such as the solar crystal pattern which is visible if you look it up close.

Discussion Questions
– What will the price of this crystal screen be?
– When will it be available?
– What will be the minimum amount of light to create energy from this screen?



Camp, Jeffrey Van. “Your next Phone May Charge and Receive Data through This Incredible Screen.” Digital Trends. N.p., 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 27 Jan. 2014. .

Winter Holiday Prezi Presentation

This is the Prezi Presentation based on how I spent my Winter Holidays. I particularly didn’t do anything or went anywhere special, so the presentation includes information about how I entertained myself at home for the most. I do not think this is an enjoyable or entertaining presentation, but I would be happy if you have bit more of a notice to what kind of a person I am. Thank you 😀
prezi holiday presentation
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