6 Innovative Ways Students Are Using Technology

Students nowadays are using technology in such innovative ways, apart from texting, facebooking, tweeting, or snapchatting. Even though adults tend to misjudge the ways students uses technology, students are actually engaging in very innovative ways of using the modern technology, that surprises us all. Because the students nowadays were using and learning technology from a young age, there may be things that they are only capable of doing.

Major Concepts

    6 concepts

– Early Adopters (About 1 on 4 U.S. teens own a smartphone.)
– Blenders (63% of students indicated their preference for a blended learning environment.)
– Mad Scientists (A number of virtual labs have received financial backing from the U.S. Education Department.)
– Social Butterflies (95% of teens ages 12-17 are online. 76% using social networking sites. 77% have cell phones.)
– Big Talkers (23% of Internet users and 7% of cellphone owners have participated in video calls, chats, or teleconferences.)
– Moovers Shakers (School districts across the nation are providing students the technology they need to learn in class and at home.)

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– This strategy will help students develop the knowledge of technology, which may help them make changes in the future.
– Because it is the era of technological development, students that are used to technology may be able to create things that are completely new and innovative, bringing this world change in more than one possible ways.
– This allows students to learn technology in a way more efficient way, instead of sitting down and learning from teachers, students themselves are searching for their answer to satisfy their needs. In this way students can learn technology way easier, and quicker compared to simply being teached by teachers. Students desiring the knowledge and the use of technology may be the keys to the future of computer technology.

Potential Problems/Limitations 
– This may lead to lack of students’ conversation abilities in real life, since every young pupils nowadays are glued to their phone/gadgets at all times, maybe they will forget how to talk to a real person sitting in front of them. This can create difficulties they may face in the future, because there is no way we can avoid actual contact with other individuals in life.
– Students may not be able to develop their physical life skills, being dependent on technology. For example, the Mad Scientist Virtual Lab may not allow them to develop the abilities of students actually conducting with real physical kits.

Discussion Questions
– How can we be sure that students will not addicted to technology, being completely dependent on it?
– How can students learn physical life skills when every lessons are being done using technology?
– How can we be sure that students won’t start using technology in illegal purposes?


Dunn, Jeff. “6 Innovative Ways Students Are Using Technology.” Edudemic. N.p., 30 Sept. 2013. Web. 09 Feb. 2014. .


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