Apple iWatch may predict heart attacks insider claim

Apple’s under-development wearable product rumored to be named “iWatch” has some significant features that not one previously released wearable electronic gadget consisted of. It may actually prevent you from engaging in difficult health circumstances or situations, noticing you and getting you out from those situations safely and quickly. This is rumored that it may be capable of changing the modern medical system, bringing new possibilities to patients that have some sort of health difficulties.

Major Concepts
– The “iWatch” could prevent heart attacks from happening by tracking blood-flow from the noises it makes in arteries.
– The product will use pioneering audio technology to track blood turbulence, surveying the noises the blood makes in arteries. It is capable of differentiating whether the blood is in a healthy flow, or if its struggling to get past the plaque build-up that can lead to coronary failure.
– It also uses audio sensors to listen to how the blood moves through the body, identifying telltale issues with its passage that could predict greater health problems.
– The initial ambition to add functionality like blood-glucose, may have been abandoned because of the general inaccuracy of non-invasive sensors which are used for those measurements.

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– Because everyone would want to stay alive and maintain their healthy body, there is a high chance of this product becoming Apple’s new best-seller. Populations from different generations may purchase this product, checking on their blood levels if its healthy.
– Because it is wearable, it is very compact and easy to carry around. This handiness may satisfy many of Apple’s customers’ desires, making them want to buy this product. Because of this reason, customer that may probably not need this product may also wear it, like children.

Potential Problems/Limitations/Disadvantages
– There is no assurance that the product will not operate properly, and with users that are in serious health conditions, that may cost them their life. Because of this product that they are using and also which they rely on is responsible for keeping on their blood levels, there may be a serious problem if the product stops operating properly.
– Because it is a product with many functions, there may be a very high price-tag on it, and some may not be able to afford it. The price must be affordable to us middle class citizens, or no one would buy it.

Discussion Questions
– What will the price be? Is it affordable?
– How can we assure that the product will work at all times?
– What are the functions apart from keeping track of the blood-fluidity?



Davies, Chris. “Apple IWatch May Predict Heart Attacks Insiders Claim.” SlashGear. N.p., 16 Feb. 2014. Web. 17 Feb. 2014.


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