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The upcoming second machine age

In the near future, there may be a chance of robots replacing us in jobs. The technological development in this era have come to a point that robot may be replacing us humans on doing jobs. We human doubted that machine will never replace us in jobs that requires high intelligence, such as lawyers and doctors, but that may be wrong too. The development of technology and machine came to a point that the human race may be completely useless in the mere future, our society role of taking jobs completely replaced by robots.

Major Concepts
– Technology that thought was impossible a decade ago, such as a car that drives itself is now being developed, and in a few years, will be brought upon for the use of ordinary citizens like ourselves.
– A machine called “Baxter” developed by a Boston company Rethink Robotics is capable of completing industrial human jobs and cost around 4 dollars per hour, which is about half of minimum human wage. It memorizes it’s task by showing it how to do it once, and after that Baxter analyzes the data that was taught, and completes the task by itself.
– Jobs that was considered could be only done by humans are also falling to the robots, like warehouse picking. Autonomous robots is now manufactured to move shelves around to its central pickers, so it requires much more less people for the job.
– IBM computer WATSON is capable of memorizing all the digitized medical knowledge that exists in this world, it is capable of being the best diagnostician in the world, analyzing all the medical data it has to find the best way in treating the patients. WATSON can not only do this, but do it for several people on the same time unlike real human doctors.

Potential Strengths
– A further technological development may be the beginning to a completely new era. In a few decades people may be flying around with their personal robot jets and having robot maids cooking dinner for them.
– If this development continues on, we may possibly have further medical developments too. We can possibly find the cure to the diseases that is viewed as incurable in the present.
– If machine becomes capable of doing the jobs we humans usually take care of, we can go into further researches to make more improvement.

Potential Problems/Disadvantages
– If robots started replacing us at jobs, some us will surely lose our jobs. Robots consume less money, and works through hours if there is electricity. The unemployment rate will be higher in countries that start taking in robot workers. If robot workers become widespread, more than millions of us will lose our jobs. Some of us will be forced to face starvation, and some even death.
– If robots took over our society role of having jobs, we will have time left over. We should be thinking ahead of how to spending those times. If robots take over the roles of us in society, we may lose our identity in society and stay indoors at all times.

Discussion Questions
– If robot replaced human workers, what happens to those people that lost their jobs because of the robots?
– In what genres of work will these robot workers be associated the most? What will be the least?
– How much is the production fee for one machine?


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