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The upcoming second machine age

In the near future, there may be a chance of robots replacing us in jobs. The technological development in this era have come to a point that robot may be replacing us humans on doing jobs. We human doubted that machine will never replace us in jobs that requires high intelligence, such as lawyers and doctors, but that may be wrong too. The development of technology and machine came to a point that the human race may be completely useless in the mere future, our society role of taking jobs completely replaced by robots.

Major Concepts
– Technology that thought was impossible a decade ago, such as a car that drives itself is now being developed, and in a few years, will be brought upon for the use of ordinary citizens like ourselves.
– A machine called “Baxter” developed by a Boston company Rethink Robotics is capable of completing industrial human jobs and cost around 4 dollars per hour, which is about half of minimum human wage. It memorizes it’s task by showing it how to do it once, and after that Baxter analyzes the data that was taught, and completes the task by itself.
– Jobs that was considered could be only done by humans are also falling to the robots, like warehouse picking. Autonomous robots is now manufactured to move shelves around to its central pickers, so it requires much more less people for the job.
– IBM computer WATSON is capable of memorizing all the digitized medical knowledge that exists in this world, it is capable of being the best diagnostician in the world, analyzing all the medical data it has to find the best way in treating the patients. WATSON can not only do this, but do it for several people on the same time unlike real human doctors.

Potential Strengths
– A further technological development may be the beginning to a completely new era. In a few decades people may be flying around with their personal robot jets and having robot maids cooking dinner for them.
– If this development continues on, we may possibly have further medical developments too. We can possibly find the cure to the diseases that is viewed as incurable in the present.
– If machine becomes capable of doing the jobs we humans usually take care of, we can go into further researches to make more improvement.

Potential Problems/Disadvantages
– If robots started replacing us at jobs, some us will surely lose our jobs. Robots consume less money, and works through hours if there is electricity. The unemployment rate will be higher in countries that start taking in robot workers. If robot workers become widespread, more than millions of us will lose our jobs. Some of us will be forced to face starvation, and some even death.
– If robots took over our society role of having jobs, we will have time left over. We should be thinking ahead of how to spending those times. If robots take over the roles of us in society, we may lose our identity in society and stay indoors at all times.

Discussion Questions
– If robot replaced human workers, what happens to those people that lost their jobs because of the robots?
– In what genres of work will these robot workers be associated the most? What will be the least?
– How much is the production fee for one machine?


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Heartbleed Bug Description

Heartbleed is a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL, the cryptographic software library that protects many sites on the internet. This bug happens in a software called OpenSSL, which encrypts information typed by visitors such as username and passwords, so it will be unreadable for others. This protects the information from leaking while it is going from your computer to the website.

Heartbleed bug happens because of a small bug in the OpenSSL software. It allows a person to retrieve information on the memory of the web server without leaving a single trace. There is a feature called heartbeat in the OpenSSL software that the heartbleed bug exploits. What the heartbeat feature does is that it notifies you that the website is active and is listening to your requests. Normally, when you request the website for something, the heartbeat will only send you back the amount of data your computer have sent. But, when the server is affected by the heartbleed bug, this is not the case. Sometimes users gets more data than they requested, up to 65,536 bytes. This is the heartbleed bug. Anonymous users gets data that they aren’t allowed to be accessed to. Hackers use this to steal important information from others, sometime major companies. Since in this generation many companies fancy the use of the internet to rotate their company, it may be easier for the hackers to search for the information.

Programs such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google, Yahoo, Etsy, GoDaddy, Flickr, Minecraft, Netflix, YouTube has been effected by this bug. They all got it fixed by having a patch, but it caused serious danger for some of the sites. The damage was so big for some sites that it lead them into a financial and industrial crysis. Some of the sites’ internal core data leaked out into the hands of the anonymous, making the sites lose huge profits.

It got extremely widespread at first, but because the feature is so specific, the number of servers affected this by bug went from a 60% to a 17.5%. So the affect of this bug is minimized. Some servers no longer considers it as a threat too. But, it is still a problem. You can prevent this bug from happening to you by constantly changing the passwords you use to enter the site. At this point, even though you don’t change your password, the chance of hackers getting into your account is pretty slim.

I learned from this bug that on the internet, nothing is surely protected. Your personal information, even your identity. Internet may come in extreme handy, but it is also extremely dangerous. We have to learn to protect our identity, and stop sharing every single bit of our personal life on it. This is the lesson I learned from this bug.

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3D-Printer Revolutionizes the World

3D-Printers are one of the most anticipated technology development of 2014. The social media claims that 3D-Printers may revolutionize the world, bringing many new possibilities to technological and medical, even physical development. It is a technology that still has many possibilities, therefore many industries and corporations are seeking to hold the major share of the income that can be produced by the 3D-Printer.

Major Concepts

– Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D printer created a corset that have been demonstrated to gorgeous effect by designer and engineer Michaella Janse van Vuuren. This demonstration opened up the possibilities of 3D-Printers associating with modeling. This may ultimately lead to 3D-Printers creating new fashion trends. Multimaterial is going to be the next major concept of 3D printing. It allows multiple colors and materials in a single print session. This will be highly time-efficient because there will be no need exchange nor switch colors during in a print session, instead running through everything in a single run without stopping for a split second. The printer has 3 nozzles, which makes it possible to print 3 materials at the same time. It also can be done in colors, which is cyan, magenta and yellow, for an entire rainbow for color options.

– Michaella Janse van Vuuren, a South African artist, designer, and engineer has used the Objet 500 Connex3 to create range of fashion items, which she refers as the “Garden of Eden”. Vuuren compliments the printer of its flexibility, in how its capable of combining rigid and flexible materials in one piece, and also introducing color into the process allows whole new possibilities.

– Not only does this technology replace traditional methods of fashion manufacturing, it enables us the manufacture them in completely new ways. The ability to combine multiple material properties and beautiful jewel-like colors in a single run is absolutely astonishing. Vuuren believes that 3D-Printer is a tool for engineering and creative expression, and she is looking forward for what comes in the future.

Potential Strengths/Advantages

– It is a technology not fully developed yet, therefore there is so many possibilities. It can further develop into something that can open up new possibilities in a wide range of things, such as fashion, medical, technological, etc.

– Capable of printing 3 type of materials and 3 type of colors in a single run, making it highly time-efficient.

– Capable of combining rigid and flexible materials in one piece.

– It can not only replace traditional methods of fashion manufacturing, it allows us to manufacture them in complete new ways.

Potential Problems/Limitations/Disadvantages

– The printers are still not capable of printing extremely detailed works, therefore human hands are still required in work situations such as art.

– There is still a limitation in material and color uses, which is up to 3.

– Since the printing procedure is very detailed, there can easily be errors and mistakes.

Discussion Questions

– Is there any ways to expand the limitation of 3 materials and 3 colors?

– What are the varieties of materials compatible with this 3D-Printer?

– How long does it take to manufacture one product?

fashion_1 fashion_2 fashion_4

Stratasys Color Multi-Material 3D Printing Puts “Garden of Eden” in Fashion

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Supporting Guide to Cyberbullying

School is designed to educate kids with books and feed them knowledge to prepare them for their future career and long-lasting life. But for students, its not only that. For students school is a place for socializing, a place for social interactions. School allows us to interact with others, helping us developing our social interaction skills. But sometimes, that place of social interaction cannot come out positively for some people. Especially when you become a target of bullying. Sometimes kids can be really crude and mean to others. Because of their immaturity, they don’t understand clearly how that can seriously affect other people’s life, considering it as a some sort of a game. Bullying can also sometimes take place on the internet, which is known as cyberbullying. The ones that get bullied feels miserable, and worthless. This can lead to suicide cases, or drug abuse, neither not a pleasurable future for the child. There are many ways teachers, students, and adults around that child can support him or her to get through bullying, the tough times of their life.

Major Concepts
– Nearly 43% of all children have experienced being target of cyberbullying
– 1/4 of the 43% says that they have experienced it more than once
– 81% of the child population believes that online bullying is easier to get away with than actual physical face-to-face bullying
– 70% of the students report frequently saying that they are bullied online.
– Teens or adolescents that spend more than 3 hours on social networking each day has 110% higher risk of getting bullied online
– 1 in 10 teenagers are being posted embarrassing photos or videos of them online, without their permission.
– Smartphones are used the most frequently in cyberbullying
– 25% of teenagers are bullied using text messages
– 64% of teenagers are bullied on Facebook
– 29% of teenagers are harassed using twitter
– 21% of teenagers are bullied using emails or direct messages
– Girls are twice as likely to be target of cyberbullying than boys
– Boys have a higher risk of getting threatened than girls
– Only 1 in 10 victims informs to their parents about themselves getting bullied
– Victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide
– Victims are more likely to have a low self-esteem, being insecure

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– There are many ways to help out children that is being cyberbullied, and knowing what cyberbullying really is the key to giving good advice and support to children that is being bullied
– We can prevent cyberbullying from happening if teenagers aren’t glued to their electronic gadgets all day, therefore setting a time limit of their use on gadgets may be a good idea
– There maybe a specific reason why people is getting cyberbullied, and identifying the cause will be the first step of stopping cyberbullying
– People bullies others because they react, therefore ignoring the bullies is a good idea. The bullies will lose motivation of further continuing the bully, and it can stop one day
– Saving the evidence of cyberbullying is another way to fight back, if the things completely get out of hand, there is nothing stronger than an stable evidence

Potential Problems/Disadvantages
– Children nowadays can be very cruel, and because they are still young and immature, they do not how it can affect the ones that are being bullied. They are not capable of understanding the pain and sorrow of the ones being bullied, considering it as a sort of a game. We need them to understand this is serious matter, and in the worst cases, death can also occur. We need to acknowledge children what bullying can really do, or this problem will never be prevented
– Teenagers being glued to their gadgets 24/7 is also another reason of this bullying to occur. Even though their parents scolds and tells them to not use it all the time, they are simply addicted to it. When the parents take it away from them they go nuts. We have to get rid of this addiction to electronics or cyberbullying will never vanish

Discussion Questions
– What are the possible ways to prevent teenage electronic addiction?
– At which age does cyberbullying occur the most? And why?


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Apple iWatch may predict heart attacks insider claim

Apple’s under-development wearable product rumored to be named “iWatch” has some significant features that not one previously released wearable electronic gadget consisted of. It may actually prevent you from engaging in difficult health circumstances or situations, noticing you and getting you out from those situations safely and quickly. This is rumored that it may be capable of changing the modern medical system, bringing new possibilities to patients that have some sort of health difficulties.

Major Concepts
– The “iWatch” could prevent heart attacks from happening by tracking blood-flow from the noises it makes in arteries.
– The product will use pioneering audio technology to track blood turbulence, surveying the noises the blood makes in arteries. It is capable of differentiating whether the blood is in a healthy flow, or if its struggling to get past the plaque build-up that can lead to coronary failure.
– It also uses audio sensors to listen to how the blood moves through the body, identifying telltale issues with its passage that could predict greater health problems.
– The initial ambition to add functionality like blood-glucose, may have been abandoned because of the general inaccuracy of non-invasive sensors which are used for those measurements.

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– Because everyone would want to stay alive and maintain their healthy body, there is a high chance of this product becoming Apple’s new best-seller. Populations from different generations may purchase this product, checking on their blood levels if its healthy.
– Because it is wearable, it is very compact and easy to carry around. This handiness may satisfy many of Apple’s customers’ desires, making them want to buy this product. Because of this reason, customer that may probably not need this product may also wear it, like children.

Potential Problems/Limitations/Disadvantages
– There is no assurance that the product will not operate properly, and with users that are in serious health conditions, that may cost them their life. Because of this product that they are using and also which they rely on is responsible for keeping on their blood levels, there may be a serious problem if the product stops operating properly.
– Because it is a product with many functions, there may be a very high price-tag on it, and some may not be able to afford it. The price must be affordable to us middle class citizens, or no one would buy it.

Discussion Questions
– What will the price be? Is it affordable?
– How can we assure that the product will work at all times?
– What are the functions apart from keeping track of the blood-fluidity?



Davies, Chris. “Apple IWatch May Predict Heart Attacks Insiders Claim.” SlashGear. N.p., 16 Feb. 2014. Web. 17 Feb. 2014.

6 Innovative Ways Students Are Using Technology

Students nowadays are using technology in such innovative ways, apart from texting, facebooking, tweeting, or snapchatting. Even though adults tend to misjudge the ways students uses technology, students are actually engaging in very innovative ways of using the modern technology, that surprises us all. Because the students nowadays were using and learning technology from a young age, there may be things that they are only capable of doing.

Major Concepts

    6 concepts

– Early Adopters (About 1 on 4 U.S. teens own a smartphone.)
– Blenders (63% of students indicated their preference for a blended learning environment.)
– Mad Scientists (A number of virtual labs have received financial backing from the U.S. Education Department.)
– Social Butterflies (95% of teens ages 12-17 are online. 76% using social networking sites. 77% have cell phones.)
– Big Talkers (23% of Internet users and 7% of cellphone owners have participated in video calls, chats, or teleconferences.)
– Moovers Shakers (School districts across the nation are providing students the technology they need to learn in class and at home.)

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– This strategy will help students develop the knowledge of technology, which may help them make changes in the future.
– Because it is the era of technological development, students that are used to technology may be able to create things that are completely new and innovative, bringing this world change in more than one possible ways.
– This allows students to learn technology in a way more efficient way, instead of sitting down and learning from teachers, students themselves are searching for their answer to satisfy their needs. In this way students can learn technology way easier, and quicker compared to simply being teached by teachers. Students desiring the knowledge and the use of technology may be the keys to the future of computer technology.

Potential Problems/Limitations 
– This may lead to lack of students’ conversation abilities in real life, since every young pupils nowadays are glued to their phone/gadgets at all times, maybe they will forget how to talk to a real person sitting in front of them. This can create difficulties they may face in the future, because there is no way we can avoid actual contact with other individuals in life.
– Students may not be able to develop their physical life skills, being dependent on technology. For example, the Mad Scientist Virtual Lab may not allow them to develop the abilities of students actually conducting with real physical kits.

Discussion Questions
– How can we be sure that students will not addicted to technology, being completely dependent on it?
– How can students learn physical life skills when every lessons are being done using technology?
– How can we be sure that students won’t start using technology in illegal purposes?


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Chinese New Year Poster

Wysips Solar Charging Screen

Almost every Smartphone company tried wireless charging at some point, but not any of them has quite pulled off to be a proper product. But, recently a new technology was shown by SunPartner Technologies and 3M that may be a solution to this wireless charging problem. This could be a solution and a completely new way to transfer data on to your smartphone, opening up new possibilities to smartphone industries.

Major Concepts
– It’s called Wysips, and it is a thin layer of crystal glass that can be used by embedding it into small screens such as watches, phones, tablets, etc. This thin layer of glass changes the screen of the gadget into a solar panel of sorts. The screen looks clear, and there is no interruption of graphical qualities lacking because of this Wysips charging screen. It starts charging once artificial or natural light hits the screen, making it very user-friendly and easy.
– The Smartphone battery power will be stretched up to 15%, with this screen (even more if you leave it in a bright area). This can save a person that is power bind with no charger, getting them out of extreme situations. The amount of power generated could increase as the miniature solar cells improve.
– The design is mostly clear, but shimmers if you look from different angles. If you look close up to it, you can see the solar crystal pattern. Inside a demo phone, we couldn’t notice the Wysips layer at all, though the viewing angles of the device was lower than usual.

Potential Strengths/Advantages
– It is very energy efficient, using the sunlight to create energy. If this develops into a huge marketing asset, we can further prevent Global Warming.
– This is extremely convenient, since there will not be any need to carry around chargers, and when we have to charge, we can simply leave our device where light shines bright, which is almost everywhere in this modern world.

Potential Problems/Limitations
– There are some graphical flaws, such as the solar crystal pattern which is visible if you look it up close.

Discussion Questions
– What will the price of this crystal screen be?
– When will it be available?
– What will be the minimum amount of light to create energy from this screen?



Camp, Jeffrey Van. “Your next Phone May Charge and Receive Data through This Incredible Screen.” Digital Trends. N.p., 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 27 Jan. 2014. .

Winter Holiday Prezi Presentation

This is the Prezi Presentation based on how I spent my Winter Holidays. I particularly didn’t do anything or went anywhere special, so the presentation includes information about how I entertained myself at home for the most. I do not think this is an enjoyable or entertaining presentation, but I would be happy if you have bit more of a notice to what kind of a person I am. Thank you 😀
prezi holiday presentation
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Operating System (OS)

Memory Management – Memory management is the function of a computer operating system responsible for managing the computer’s primary memory.
Process Management – Process management is the ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a process.
CPU scheduling – It is the method by which threads, processes or data flows are given access to system resources.