Language Arts

    Love in first sight

I kind of believe in love in first sight. In some kind of a movie I watched that love comes with a zing, and I think it’s true. I think it depends on the person’s personality, if you fall in love in first sight, or not. You can maybe fall in love the moment you saw her with her appearance and smell, etc. Or you can fall in love with a person over time, slowly loving that person. At first, you may not be attracted to that person at all, but by slowly knowing that person, you can get attached to her, and love her. I think I am more of that type, and don’t fall in love in first sight, but I still believe it actually happens. Maybe it can happen to me in the future. I think you can only fall in love in first sight, if the one is perfect to you, then you can fall in love. If she looked ugly, I don’t think I will fall in love. But, by knowing her, maybe you can start liking her, and love her when you noticed. In movies there are many scenes that the hero and the heroin fall in love in first sight by just a glance. I think there is many things going in their mind in that time. I think love in first sight is a magical thing.
Even though the person is very beautiful, sometimes I don’t think they are attractive at all. I think it depends on the compatibility of the person with you. If the person is attractive to you, but not to others, it means she is compatible with you. It depends on what type of person you like, if the person has all the traits you want in your partner, maybe you can fall in love with first sight. I don’t think it’s easy to just fall in love at first sight, if she is not truly perfect to you. So I think the perfection is the key to love in first sight. In most cases people fall in love by getting to know that person, and slowly feeling affection towards that person. I think there is also some cons on this first sight love. If you completely know that person, but you still like that person, I think your love will last forever. But, if you didn’t know anything about that person, and fell in love with that person, maybe afterwards you maybe notice she has some evil face, that maybe make you hate that person. Some idiots marry after 3 months they met, but I personally think that’s stupid, and not going to last. Love in first sight is good, but getting to know that person is better. Even though you loved her the moment you met that person, there is still many things you need to know about that person, to make the feeling last.
My conclusion is that, love in first sight only comes when there is perfection, or that person has every trait you want in your partner. Because its first sight, I think it depends on the look. So, I think it’s best to know the person a little more, before considering her as your love. I believe in love in first sight, and I wish to experience it sometime in the future, even though I don’t think it will work out, for sure.


I don’t think I am an loyal person. I even never thought or considered myself as an loyal person. I think I don’t even understand what loyalty is truly about. I don’t think there is anyone that is loyal to me. Loyalty is about trust, and how you can rely on something. I don’t think nobody trusts me truly nor rely on me. I think loyalty is a important mattering factor of life, but some people will just not get it. Maybe because of their characteristics, position, career, etc.

As, I said loyalty is based on trust. You need to trust and get trusted by the guy, to get loyalty from others. Others will see that you truly care and trust about them, which I think is the start of becoming loyal to you. I think there is nobody that is truly loyal to a evil minded villain, or something like that.

I think to get loyalty from everyone around you, you require a certain talent, or speciality. Either its leadership, combat skills, etc. Those things will let other rely on you, and would ask you for help. Helping them will not only help them, but also will help you in the future. Those talents will just bring people around you. Such things like good sense of humor, kind hearted, brave, etc. These are the traits you want in others. People that is same, but some parts to part is different and unique, and talented. I think those kind of people will get loyalty from the people around him.

I think getting loyalty from many people around you, will be a great help and make your life way easier. People that is loyal to you, is also loving you from their heart. They would love to help if you have a problem. With one or two word of appreciation from your mouth will make you feel proud. That is the power of loyalty. But, loyalty will not last, if they treat them badly, or hurt their feelings. It is about keeping balance around the people. You should give a little to make a huge profit. You need to care about them, and truly love them from your heart, for loyalty to last. Giving caring, and you need to support them with your best you can do, when they need help, and so they will also help you, when you need help. If you try to act kind and love them, someday they will realize your true intentions, and will go away from you. Loyalty is helpful, but the same time, it can vanish really easily, just like cracking a piece of glass.

Overall, I think loyalty is a really important factor to success, and a wonderful life. It is really helpful, but in the same time also is a really delicate relationship. You need to treat it with care to make it work out. You need to be caring, loving, and also giving to make people loyal to you. You will also need some kind of a speciality, or a special talent, that the people around you will rely on you, and ask for help. Helping them will probably make them loyal to you. Helping you when you need help.

Ability: Hear

I would want to have the ability to have supernatural hearing abilities, because of several reasons. It could come in real handy if we use it in a proper way, but I will probably not use it in a legal way if I had a power to be able to hear everything, because overwhelming power always leads to hazard, and that is the same case of me. Anyway, these are the things I want for the ability, and how I will probably use it for.
First of all, I would want to be able to control the range of my hearing ability, and when. I don’t want to listen to random people talking about things I don’t care all the time, and when I can hear everything, it will be so noisy every there, pissing me off all the time. So I would want to be able to control the range that I am able to hear, like 50 meters around me, 100 meters, 1km, etc. Or the range also could be really small, but a really far place, like Sao Paulo or somewhere like that. Maybe if I could choose my hearing range with a portable device or something, it will be awesome.
I would also want to hear other people’s real intentions, and not what they only say. Under those big fake smiles, something dark and hatred can be laying. So on the device that we just talked about, I think it’s great if there is something like an exchange button that makes me hear the inner and outer voices, and I can switch whenever I want. That will be great. I think its fun to know people’s real intentions. Even though they only say nice things, and act nice, we never know what they are hiding under. It could be disgusting, violent, mad, sexual, etc. We never know.
Now it is about how I am going to use it. It is an of course that I won’t use this ability to help other people like those stupid hypocrites. First of all I will never tell anyone that I am capable of doing this, because if they noticed maybe they will remove this power or charge me into a cell for research, or anything else. Then I will just walk up to other people and maybe mock them, about what they are thinking, and what they have been talking about. If you think about it, it’s seriously creepy. A stranger suddenly walks up to you and guesses what you have been thinking and talking about.
I can also use it for getting information, by just hearing people around me. I can also creep on someone’s mind during a test, and steal their information in their head, and get an easy A. That would also be a great way to use it. I think I will only use this power for my own profits, because first of all I am not a hero kind of a guy, more like evil. But, I think you got to be evil sometimes in life to make something work out. Maybe I can also hear government secrets and things like that, something really big, to know what is going on currently. That is mainly the reason why I want the power of supernatural hearing, and I’m glad if you understand it.


I was sitting on a car, getting questions from an old man. Then I ignored him, which made him looked pissed. He started shouting and slamming the glass between the driver seat and the passenger seat. After a while he stopped, and said “You fucking maniac, its stupid shits like you that actually make me think that I might make it to heaven.” and then groaned. I chuckled because I didn’t understand him. I am not a maniac, what I did is completely legit and understandable.
I used to teach history at a high school. I guess it was a good time back then, even though it felt boring when doing it. I was married to the love of my life, Katie. We first met in college, at a seat of a party. I was 21 and she was 20. I felt in love with her in first sight. I was drinking my liquor alone with no one to talk with, sitting in the corner of the room. Then she just walked up to me, and talked to me. Not knowing how to react I just nodded and stayed silent, not trying to look her in the eye. Then she sat next to me, asking for a reply. I was too shy to look her in the face, so I was looking at other directions trying to avoid eye contact. Then she held my chin with her right hand and made my face turn towards her. I felt a bloom of roses rushing through my heart immediately after looking at her. She had a pair of beautiful emerald eyes with a long auburn hair. Then I tried asking her out for a dinner few times and then asked her out. I couldn’t believe it that she would actually go out with a guy like me, but miracle tends to happen I guess. After 4 years of dating I proposed to her, and then we married. I guess that was the happiest time of my life.
I started working at the high school when I was 24. It isn’t that fun to teach history to a bunch of teenage boys and girls that only cares about sexual intercourse but why not? I still get paid and that’s the only thing matters to me. So now I am in a routine, of everyday life. I wake up at 6:30 AM, go to school, then teach few classes, eat lunch, then teach few classes again, and go home at exactly 6:00 PM. Now I’ve been doing this for 6 years, considering the fact that I turned 30 2 months ago. One day after work, I went home and saw a man sitting on the sofa. He noticed me and stood up, introducing himself to me. He said that he just moved in next door, and he came to say hi to his new neighbors. “So you are Mr. Trevor Pierce?” asked the guy. I just nodded because I hate talking to strangers. Then he said “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I heard about you from your beautiful wife. You lucky bastard, how can you get that kind of woman to be yours?” and gave me a slap on my back. Katie was giggling in the kitchen blushing, and I somehow didn’t like that.”Sorry for my manners, Mr. Pierce. My name is Franklin, Franklin Jones. Call me Frank” then gave me a large smile. “I work at a lab near here; I am a microbiologist, nice to meet you. Anyway, see you guys around, I got to go say hello to other neighbors too.” And then walked out. Katie said he seemed nice, but personally I really hated him. I felt something dark and hatred lying below that huge smile. I told Katie to stay away from him, but she ignored, saying that you can’t judge a person of how you feel about him.
After 6 months, we 2 and Frank went to dinner often than anyone else, and then I was starting to guess that what I felt about him the first time I met him was wrong after all. I was thinking about that while the way home from school. I rang the bell, asking Katie to open the door. Nobody answered. Then I noticed that the door was opened. It was weird. Katie usually never leaves the door open since she is fond about security. She double checked the lock whenever we went out, and there was not one night she left the lock opened. It was really weird. I got scared and rushed into check out Katie. It was pitch dark inside, and I had to turn the lights on. I started yelling her name, there was still no reply. Then something told me to go into the bedroom. I rushed and turn the lights on. I couldn’t believe what I saw the next moment. Katie was stripped naked on the bed, with her guts falling out from her stomach. There was cum all over the sheets and her face. Her eyes were open wide, but there was no any brightness in it. There was a big bruise on her left cheek, and many traces of injection all over her body. I couldn’t remember anything after that. Next day I found myself in the hospital, with bandages on my head. Tranquilizer was shot into me through the pipe. For a few seconds I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Then I remembered about Katie, and considering myself in the hospital, I understood it was real. The woman lived next to me found my squealing and noises I was making suspicious, and came to take a look, and found my wife dead, and me fainting at the kitchen table bleeding heavily from my head. Then I cried a lot, for days and days. The cops came to my home and took away Katie’s body. I was sad, really sad. Since the day she found dead, liquor was my best friend. I thought drinking them will drought the pain, but it just made things worse. Every day, every hour, every minute I thought about pulling the trigger inside my mouth to just end this. But I just had one more thing to do. Before I die, I had one more thing to do. I will find who did that to Katie, then I will make him suffer, just like she did, and I’ll kill that son of a bitch.
It wasn’t hard to find who did that to Katie. I secretly placed a security camera inside the bedroom picture; the right eye of Saint Maria was actually a camera lens. Because I was really scared of Katie cheating on me, I hid a camera to check what she is doing while I’m not spending the night with her. I’m not creepy, I’m just insecure. I didn’t show the camera to the cops because I wanted to take revenge by myself, and not let the police do it. I checked the camera with rage, I was furious. Then here came the guy, he was wearing a check patterned shirt, and was holding a box. I knew it. Motherfucking Franklin Jones. She was trying to lay his fingers on my wife from the start. As I told you she is a real beauty. No man won’t be attracted by her. But that’s not the problem. After looking at the security camera monitor for 30 minutes. There was pure anger and fury inside me. I walked straight up to next door with a baseball bat. I banged the door. It opened then bang. I do not remember anything what I did that night. I woke up next morning getting held by a officer, forced down. Then I saw Franklin with his head cracked up, brains spilling. There were many knife stabbing traces on his body. This was probably done by me. It was kind of hard to consider him as a human being, or a large ball of meat. I felt satisfied after looking at that. Made me feel relaxed. I avenged you Katie. Now rest in peace, I thought. “Get out!” yelled the old man. I slowly got out from the car, and walked my way to prison. Then I felt a warm breeze on my face. Spring is coming.

My Worst Day Ever

            Alright to say the truth I don’t have any worst day ever, I had many bad days that are equally made me sad and subdued, and I don’t remember most of the bad days. So, this will be about my most recent bad day, and not the worst day ever. It was the last day of the semester. I did something really disrespectful to my friend. It could ended our friendship. I don’t even know if we are currently friends. We talk normally, but it just won’t feel like how we talked before. We were probably best friends. He understood me really well. I don’t know why I even did that that day. It started with a small crack, which slowly started to spread, and after one month we didn’t even talk.

We were together from grade 1, and at the beginning I really didn’t mention him at that age, mostly because I was always with someone else. But then, I started liking him because he was really nice, and caring and calm. He had something that I didn’t have. So as we grew up we became closer friends, and by grade 6 we were probably best friends. I was a loner back then at that age. I had friends, but no one which will always stay with me, and talk with me, and consider me as a close friend. I always wished for that, and then he came to me. I was really happy and thankful, because he changed my view on school. Before he came to me I viewed school as a lonely place, but then when he came in, my view changed in a minute. I think that was the first time I actually thought school as a nice place. Then we started going home together. That repeated for months and months, and I forgot what was really important to me.

At the beginning of Grade 8, it became completely usual for us to go home together, and so I forgot to be thankful to him, and appreciate him to be my friend. Then I started hanging out with others, and have new friends, and I was having a good time. Before that we always were together in school, but because of me we slowly but surely we stopped going together. We only get together the time we go home, and as I said before, it got really natural. He always waited for me. Even though I was playing with others after school, he always waited. But then, that became too natural to appreciate him.

Then one day, I was hanging out with other guys after school, he was again waiting for me. But then that day I was thinking of going home with them, so I said to him go home alone. Then he looked a little surprised, and went home. That was the crack if I think back now. That slowly get larger, I started being a douche bag, and I wasn’t appreciating him for waiting for me. Then he slowly got angry, and that didn’t take too much time to turn into a rage. He was angry inside, but still wasn’t letting it go.

While his rage was filling up, I was being dumb by thinking that I am really important to him. That made me one hell of a conceited asshole. Then finally the day came, I went to Seven Eleven to get some snacks, and asked him to wait for me. Then, I completely forgot about that and went home with those guys, and that became the trigger of his anger. From that day, he ignored me at everything. I talked to him on Facebook, Skype, etc. No replies at all. I thought he was sick or something. But then one of my friends told me that he is raging at me, and don’t even want to look at your face. So he started ignoring me. Then I finally realized what kind of a dumbass I was. He waited for me, even though it was hours, and I didn’t appreciate him at all, instead, I was starting to hate him. I then quickly was filled with self-hatred, and I was banging my head on the wall crying. I realized how important he was to me, after losing him. He never did anything bad to me. He always waited for me. Then I rejected him. There is no way he won’t be angry. I was one dumb prick that got conceited, and thinking I am really important to him. I was wrong, he was really important to me. That night was the worst memory which I currently can remember. I cried for hours and hours, when there was no one, he was always there for me. Now, we are back together, but I will never again think that this is an usual natural thing. I would like to appreciate for having him as my friend. I never would want to feel that way again.

Bruce Evans

            My name is Bruce Evans. My father named me Bruce because he was a huge fan of Batman, and I sure the hell didn’t know that until I was 32. Blood type is A, and my birthday is September the 4th. This story will be a short summary my life until now. If you don’t find it interesting quit reading it. I don’t give a damn.

I am a retired NYPD Detective. I retired my job at 42, and currently doing a bodyguard. I had a Wife, and a beautiful baby daughter. And I had it because they both died when I was 36; there was a major incident that changed my life, forever. I was taking care of a drug case that caused by the mob gang called Valkyr. Even though it was a mob gang, it was huge with over 2000 members. One day I located their secret hideout, and I killed one of their gang bosses, Tony. The ones who survived also knew my face, and sure the hell they were mad at me.

One day after work, I went home and saw my wife and daughter lying on the floor, bruised and bleeding. It was a bloodbath; there was blood everywhere. My wife was stripped naked, and her arms and legs were bending in the way it shouldn’t be. She had few bullet holes in her arms and legs, and bruises all over her body. My daughter was only stabbed once to the heart. Maybe they still had the mercy to not hurt the baby too much. But still, I went outrageous, and crazy. They followed me home and, killed my family. I shouted, cried, and felt like the end of the world. I even thought of putting bullet through my head. But I still had something to do, which is revenge.

I went in to the Valkyr as an undercover, and I eventually became a one-man-army vigilante, waging a personal war on crime. Now the police are chasing me. Funny, I thought. One month ago I was one of them, and now I’m running away from them for my life. I destroyed the mob gang. Then I kept running. Then they slowly forgot me. When I noticed, I was in New Jersey. I borrowed a small apartment, and sat on the bar, for about 5 years. One day, I got into a bar fight with a Jersey rich kid called Mike. His dad was Boss of the biggest mob gang group in New Jersey. He pulled a gun on me, but then a guy called Raul Passos saved me. He told me that he was with me in police school, and he was the one who offered me a job, which is bodyguard.

I was first wasn’t interested in becoming the white knight again. But later that night, Mike and his buddies came back with some more people and ammunitions. They threatened me by pointing a gun at me a Passos. Then a girl whom was sitting next to me, stood up raging to Mike to shut up, I think she was drunk. Mike shot her in her leg, which really gave me the urge to shoot the asshole. When I noticed, I killed most of Mike’s men. Later that night, his father came for me. I ran away with Passos. I couldn’t stay in New Jersey anymore. I was forced to be a bodyguard again. And now here I am in Sao Paulo, tilting this glass of Scotch. That was my story. Hope you enjoyed it, well it isn’t a happy story filled with hope and dream, and those kinds of bullshits. Anyway I’m glad if you got something from this. I’m Bruce Evans, 47 years old, living the life of bodyguard with my friend Passos. This life is not a good one, but is still worth living.

Compare and Contrast: Japanese Movies with Hollywood Movies

               These two types of movies have slight and huge differences. These differences are in many varieties, from the making, action, money, actors, settings, CG, etc. These are the main differences in these two types of movies. It differs in many ways, and is also similar in some ways.

               The main difference between the Japanese and Hollywood movies is the way is the quality of action. The action qualities of Hollywood movies are way ahead then the low qualitied Japanese movies. The Hollywood editors are way more high skilled, and with the use of expensive kits, tools, and machines this is possible. Japan usually doesn’t spend much money on making action movies. Many Hollywood movies include superpowers, supernatural abilities. But 95% of the Japanese movies don’t. This is because they understand that they lack in the abilities of making Superpower Hero movies. That’s why they make movies about realisms, etc. Japan simply lacks in the quality of the superpower effects such as lasers, etc

The second main difference in Japan and Hollywood movies are the amount of money they use in the creation of the movies. Hollywood uses about billion dollars or more on creating one major action movie such as the Avengers, Avatar, etc. Japan uses less than 1/3 billion dollars to create one major action movie. So there would also be a difference in quality of the movies. Since Japan is using only 1/3 of Hollywood’s money. I think Japan can also create a high quality movie if Japan also used billion dollars, but I don’t think that is possible because Japan is currently having a hard time, so I don’t think they would want to waste billion dollars of money on just one movie.

Other major differences in these two types of movies are the settings of the movie. Hollywood movie uses magical and fantastical imaginary places as settings, but instead Japan uses realistic settings that everyone could have at least once went to. Hollywood uses these kinds of places as setting of the movie because they can actually describe a fantastical, magical on the screen, which Japan can’t. So instead of making those kinds of Imaginary places, Japan uses a place that actually exists in everyday life, so you can actually feel like you are the main character. That is what the Japanese Producers is trying to do. To make you feel like you are actually in the screen. By making the main character a weakling that is scared of ghosts darkness etc. that will slowly grows up and gets stronger during the movie, which will become a strong brave hero at end of the movie. That makes the movie fun. Instead the Hollywood movies make the main character strong, brave, and full mighty from the start. They can also fight, and is really strong, which makes the audience admire them. But instead, the main characters in the Japanese movies are weak, which can’t fight, which makes us feel like we are like them. First the main character is weak, scared of fights, and runs away from bullies. But the end, they get brave, and stand towards bullies. That is the moral of the movie, and makes the movie fun.

We can conclude that Japanese movies is based on realism, with a weak main character with no superpowers and abilities which can’t fight, which makes us feel like we are them. Instead Hollywood is filled with superpowers and abilities, which all-mighty heroes from the start, making the audiences admire the main character. These are two different types of movies. It expresses the thought behind the movie in different ways, making the two movie types both special. That is what makes the movie fun. Makes it both entertaining.


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