CPU & Fetch-Execute cycle


Input – What is put in, or taken in the computer to process and analyze. Information taken into the computer. User interacting with the machine will create these inputs, giving information to the computer.
(Example: When you type the keyboard of a computer, that is the input, or the information that you putted or gave the computer)
Output – A place or instrument that the input is expressed, or the place where the information leaves the system.
(Example: Monitor or screen of the computer is the output of the system, expressing or showing the information that we created as an input.)
CPU – Also referred to as a central processor unit, it is a hardware within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by processing the input/output operations of the system.
(Example: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, etc.)
ALU – Also referred to as arithmetic logic unit, which is the part of a computer that performs all arithmetic computations, such as addition and multiplication, and all comparison operations.
CU – Abbreviation of Computer Union, which is a value that may have any of several representations or formats, or it is a data structure that consists of a variable which may hold such a value.
(Example – float or long integer, etc.)
Main Memory – Primary storage of the computer. The computer can manipulate only data that is in main memory. Therefore, every program you execute and every file you access must be copied from a storage device into main memory. The amount of main memory on a computer is crucial because it determines how many programs can be executed at one time and how much data can be readily available to a program.

Fetch-Execute Cycle
It is the basic operation cycle of a computer. It is the process by which a computer retrieves a program instruction from its memory, determines what actions the instruction requires, and carries out those actions. This cycle is repeated continuously by the central processing unit (CPU), from bootup to when the computer is shut down.


Gran Turismo 6 ‘Course Maker’ App Uses Your Mobile GPS to Create Custom Tracks!

This December, Polyphony Digital is releasing their new sequel to their worldwide famous racing game franchise, “Gran Turismo”. It will be released on the PlayStation 3, and so far it looks perfect. The graphic looks astonishingly beautiful and realistic, and the control mechanism is also improved. It looks very promising to the fans of this franchise, but Polyphony Digital had one more huge surprise about this game.

Polyphony Digital announced that they will be installing a new feature to their brand new game, called “Course Maker”. It is a mobile tie-in app that allows you to create your own tracks in the game. Pelophony announced “will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. This GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.” Meaning we can create our completely original tracks by using GPS in the real world. The roads you run in real life with a car will be saved and analyzed in the mobile application, allowing you to design and create tracks using real roads in the GPS.

Potential Strengths
– Next Generation gaming mechanism, introducing the realworld into the gaming world throughout a mobile device
– Infinite number of original tracks can be created, always keeping the players entertained
– Players can be motivated to create their own orignal tracks, and can influence more people to drive more often, to make their new tracks using their GPS application

Potential Limitations
– Because this application is under development, maybe the whole system won’t work as they planned, creating a huge crash. It can destroy game datas, which will disappoint players and fans hugely
– Even though it says they can use real tracks to make their original tracks in the game, there will be some limitations in either the graphic or the design, with only GPS it will probably not be possible to create a very realistic and beautiful atmosphere, and there will be some problems and glitches
– Person requires to drive in real life to capture the coordinates of the tracks in real life, so people which cannot drive may not be able to play this feature

Discussion Questions
1. What are the details of this feature, because of the point being too abroad and unrealistic, I suffered to fully understand it. I would want a detailed explanation of how they are actually building this application, and how it works in our terms, when building our original tracks from captured coordinates from the GPS.
2. Are they going to build in additional features for ones that cannot drive? If they will then how?

KEYE, WADE. “Gran Turismo 6 ‘Course Maker’ App Uses Your Mobile GPS to Create Custom Tracks!” IntoMobile. INTOMOBILE, 6 Nov. 2013. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.


Computer Software History Video

Second Generation of Computer Presentation

This is the presentation created by me based on the second generation of computer development era. I stated and explained the basic differences of changes added to the computer in second generation compared to the first generation. I added multiple pictures and facts to support my idea. The presentation was overall very entertaining to both create and present. There were some few errors in my information, which was corrected by my classmate. Despite the errors, I did my very best to make a presentation based on valid and clear information which is easy to understand. Please enjoy 😀

Culture Presentation Video (Edited)

This the video of me presenting my Culture Presentation PowerPoint. It was a long presentation lasting over 20 minutes, even though I was doing it alone. I am glad if you find it enjoyable even a little bit. Sometimes I may talk too quickly, and there may be some inappropriate language, but please just ignore those parts. If you think there is some error in my presentation, please correct me immediately. I tried to express the culture of my country with a lot of action and gestures. Thank you.

Culture Presentation: Japan

This is the presentation created by me based on my culture. I tried to define the definition of culture in my own way, and show some of the main features that represents the culture of mine. Since I am a Japanese, I tried to express the beautiful and inspirational cultures of Japan. I did not include any videos because I had a lot of information, and I thought that would keep me busy for the whole time. I tried to show a lot of pictures. I am very glad if this presentation helped or entertained you in some way. Thank you 🙂

Nissan surprises us all with smartwatch concept for Nismo cars


Nissan have always been known for its creative and unique ideas on their products, and they did it again. Nissan is now taking in the ideas of Samsung’s smartwatch. The new type of watch that provides the users the same concepts of the phone. Watching videos, calling, all those features. But, the the smartwatch Nissan is providing us is specifically made for racers, so it is said that it will have features that will provide some serious help to the racers.

Major Concepts
1. Because it is called a smartwatch, of course it comes in the form of a watch. This makes it easy for users to use it, and bring it to any places, beacause it is a watch. It cannot be hard to just simply wrap the watch around your arm. It is vary portable, and you will also have a low risk on maybe losing it, because its obviously wrapped around your arm.
2. It is the watch developed for Nismo Motorsports line, meaning it is created mainly on the use of racers. Because of this, the Nissan smartwatch will have some features that will be only required by the racers. Monitoring and analyzing the vehicle’s performance is one of them.
3. This feature is enabled by connecting via Bluetooth to a proprietary smartphone application. Meaning it is easily accessible, and will not take too much time to start running the system.
4. Nissan is also investigating heart and brain monitoring technologies for future wearable tech, so Nissan is trying to further where they can go, to completely assure the safety of the driver, they are trying to install a program that looks over the drivers’ heart and brain, analyzing if they are physically and mentally stable.
5. It delivers the users vehicle telematics and performance data while on track. This will clearly tell the driver if the vehicle is working fine, by making it able to access the performance data, it can alert the drivers if there is a problem with the vehicle or not, and can lead to preventing accidents from happening.

Potential Strengths/Advantages
1. It is easily wearable, and portable. This will allow you to bring this anywhere. It will not take up any space in your bag, because it is a watch.
2. It will assure the safety of the driver, by both looking after the vehicle and the driver, checking the heart rate, and the physical conditions.
3. It is highly efficient. It uses bluetooth as the main power source, so it will only require little energy. It is also easily accessible, because it uses bluetooth.

Potential Problems/Limitations

1. Because it is designed for racers, some functions of it can be felt useless by us civilians. I do not think I would want a function that looks over my heart rate, and physical conditions that often.
2. It can be very expensive, making it not affordable for some people. Even though it is a watch, it consists of the newest technologies of the year 2013. This will not be cheap. It may be too expensive for none of us to buy. Maybe it is only specified for racing companies to buy it.
3. Even though the technologies are new, because it is in the form of a watch, there should be some limitations when it comes to the screen. It sure cannot be big, so maybe it can be some of us with bad eyesight to watch, and use it.

Discussion Questions:
1. What other functions is Nissan planning to put on to this watch? Maintenance of the vehicle and checking our heart rate is surely not useless, but to a healthy person like me that doesn’t have a car, both of the function feels a bit useless. What other functions do we want them to build in the watch?
2. Around how much will the watch be? How much will you want it to be? What do you think is the maximum price that Nissan can set the watch on?

Moon, Mariella. “Nissan Surprises Us All with Smartwatch Concept for Nismo Cars (video).”Engadget. N.p., 08 Sept. 2013. Web. 09 Sept. 2013.

Understanding Search and Ethics

We did this presentation by first separating the work, telling each other who does what topic. Then we talked about who presents what part of the presentation briefly, then we started working on the presentation. We tried to find accurate information on each topic, and tried to find some images and videos about them, so we can show it in class.

ICT Classroom Rules

The decorated version of ICT Classroom Rules that we created in class. I decorated by using varieties of colors, pictures, and Wordarts. I will do my best trying to follow the rules, so I will not be ashamed of myself for posting this post. 🙂

ICT Classroom Rules

Internet Safety

The Internet is a place that is overly populated, and that also means crimes will also take place.  Piracy of DVDs, TV-Games, etc. are hugely reducing the profit that those companies should have made. Making young children slipping their parents credit card into stupid advertisements is also a proper crime. internet is a place that is said that could help you make a fortune, but the opposite can also happen, meaning you can lose everything with a small little security breach or your personal information, such as your credit card number. Giving that to an advertisement company that you never heard of before can make you lose a lot of money, because most of the time they are just fake companies trying to pull of money of stupid people on the internet.

We should know a lot of things to remain safe on the internet. First of all, we should secure our personal information. Which are these:
1.Usernames and passwords
2.Social Security numbers
3.Bank account numbers
4.PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
5.Full credit card numbers
6.Your mother’s maiden name
7.Your birthday

You should first observe the website, and decide if you can trust them. If the company is very huge and well known through out the world, for example Apple.Inc, I am pretty sure you can trust them if they ask about your information. Because there is no merit to commit a crime like that, when the company is that huge, and will continue creating a huge amount of profit from their products.

It is also better to make harder passwords, in case hackers tries to breach your account. We should create a password that is hard to guess and easy to remember. It is best to use both low case and high case letters, and also include few numbers.

We should also be careful about people we meet online.There are hundreds of online dating sites and chatting sites, and we never know who we are actually talking to. Any lie will work on the internet. A person that claims that they are teenagers can be full grown adults. Young teenagers believing in that lie, may actually want to meet the person that they were talking to over the screen. This can lead to kidnapping, even sexual abuse of children. To not let that happen, we should not talk to strangers that we meet online, and instead cling to the real world, talking to actual people that is standing in front of us.

“How to Be Safe on the Internet.” WikiHow. Ed. Rachel Jenkins. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2013.